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Bachmann New Arrivals

Woodland Scenics + DPM Products Recent and expected soon arrivals

New Image Item No Description RRP

Woodland Scenics & DPM Arrivals during last 30 days

New   WBR4947 N Work Shed £17.25
New   WBR5856 O Tin Shack £36.25
New   WBR5857 O Work Shed £36.25
New   WBR5858 O Wood Shack £36.25
WC1261 WC1261 HO Scale Retain Wall Randm Stone (x3) £11.25
WD245 WD245 Series One Dry Transfer £7.75
WDT575 WDT575 Mini-Series Lettering Black & White £5.25
WHL652 WHL652 Hob-E-Lube £6.00
WHL656 WHL656 Hob-E-Lube £6.00
WMG718 WMG718 Condensed Roman R.R. Black £7.00
WMG721 WMG721 Gothic R.R. White £7.00
WMG725 WMG725 Gothic R.R. Silver £7.00
WMG726 WMG726 Numbers Gothic R.R. Black £7.00
WMG727 WMG727 Numbers Gothic R.R. White £7.00
WMG732 WMG732 Gothic R.R. Black 3/8", £7.00
WMG735 WMG735 Extended Gothic R.R. White £7.00
WMG739 WMG739 45 USA Gothic Black Dt £7.00
WMG742 WMG742 45 USA Gothic Yellow Dt £7.00
WST1427 WST1427 4" x 2' Long Foam Sheet £19.75
  WST14408B 2" Riser - 15 Piece Bulk Pack £30.75
WST1472 WST1472 N Track-Bed £8.75
  WT4642 Pollen - Brown £3.50
WTR1505 WTR1505 2"-3" Ready Made Dark Green (4/Pk) £10.25
WTR1506 WTR1506 3"-4" Ready Made Light Green (3/Pk) £11.25
WTR1562 WTR1562 6"-7" Ready Made Pine (3/Pk) £12.25
WTR1577 WTR1577 3"-5" Ready Made Fall Colours Deciduous Value Pack (14/Pk) £32.50
WTR1587 WTR1587 2"-4" Ready Made Blue Spruce Value Pack (18/Pk) £32.50
WTR1606 WTR1606 3" Premium Oak (1/Pk) £11.50
WTR1615 WTR1615 4" Premium Beech (1/Pk) £17.00
WA2569 WA2569 G Fishing Buddies £24.00
WA2186 WA2186 N Black Bears £8.50
WA2215 WA2215 N Fly Fishermen £9.00
New   WSP4134 Castle Kit £6.00
New   WSP4239 Cabin Kit £6.00
New   WSP4241 Farm Kit £6.00
  WSP4448 Alternative Energy £10.00
WTR3560 WTR3560 Standing Timber(Conifer)2 .5-4in. £11.50
WTR3563 WTR3563 7"-8" Classic Standing Timber (3/Pk) £14.50
  WPF5200 N Fresh Market £23.25
WA1937 WA1937 HO Windy Day Play £10.00

There are no Woodland Scenics & DPM Items due during next 60 days

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