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Woodland Scenics Foliage, Grass, Flock & Poly Fibre

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Avail Cat_No Description RRP (inc.VAT)
New   In Stock WF1128 Light Green Shrubs & Saplings £ 13.00
New   In Stock WF1129 Mediun Green Shrubs & Saplings £ 13.00
  WF1130 In Stock WF1130 Dark Green Fine Leaf Foliage £ 17.25
  WF1131 In Stock WF1131 Medium Green Fine Leaf Foliage £ 17.25
  WF1132 In Stock WF1132 Light Green Fine Leaf Foliage £ 17.25
  WF1133 In Stock WF1133 Olive Green Fine Leaf Foliage £ 17.25
  WF1134 In Stock WF1134 Dead Foliage Fine Leaf Foliage £ 17.25
  WF1135 In Stock WF1135 Fall Mix Fine Leaf Foliage £ 17.25
  WF1660 In Stock WF1660 Light Green Forest Canopy £ 20.75
  WF1661 In Stock WF1661 Medium Green Forest Canopy £ 20.75
  WF1662 In Stock WF1662 Dark Green Forest Canopy £ 20.75
  WF1663 In Stock WF1663 Autumn Mix Forest Canopy £ 20.75
New   In Stock WF1664 Medium Green Forest Canopy £ 13.00
  WF176 In Stock WF176 Yellow Flowering Foliage £ 4.50
  WF177 In Stock WF177 Purple Flowering Foliage £ 4.50
  WF51 In Stock WF51 Light Green Foliage £ 5.25
  WF52 In Stock WF52 Medium Green Foliage £ 5.25
  WF53 In Stock WF53 Dark Green Foliage £ 5.25
  WF54 In Stock WF54 Conifer Green Foliage £ 5.25
  WF55 In Stock WF55 Early Fall Mix Foliage £ 5.25
  WF56 In Stock WF56 Late Fall Mix Foliage £ 5.25
  WFC134 In Stock WFC134 Olive Green Underbrush (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC135 In Stock WFC135 Light Green Underbrush (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC136 In Stock WFC136 Medium Green Underbrush (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC137 In Stock WFC137 Dark Green Underbrush (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC138 In Stock WFC138 Forest Green Underbrush (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC139 In Stock WFC139 Forest Blend Underbrush (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC144 In Stock WFC144 Olive Green Bushes (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC145 In Stock WFC145 Light Green Bushes (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC146 In Stock WFC146 Medium Green Bushes (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC147 In Stock WFC147 Dark Green Bushes (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC148 In Stock WFC148 Forest Green Bushes (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC149 In Stock WFC149 Forest Blend Bushes (Bag) £ 5.25
  WFC1634 In Stock WFC1634 Olive Green Underbrush £ 13.00
  WFC1635 In Stock WFC1635 Light Green Underbrush £ 13.00
  WFC1636 In Stock WFC1636 Medium Green Underbrush £ 13.00
  WFC1637 In Stock WFC1637 Dark Green Underbrush £ 13.00
  WFC1638 In Stock WFC1638 Forest Green Underbrush £ 13.00
  WFC1639 In Stock WFC1639 Forest Blend Underbrush £ 13.00
  WFC1644 In Stock WFC1644 Olive Green Bushes £ 13.00
  WFC1645 In Stock WFC1645 Light Green Bushes £ 13.00
  WFC1646 In Stock WFC1646 Medium Green Bushes £ 13.00
  WFC1647 In Stock WFC1647 Dark Green Bushes £ 13.00
  WFC1648 In Stock WFC1648 Forest Green Bushes £ 13.00
  WFC1649 In Stock WFC1649 Forest Blend Bushes £ 13.00
  WFC181 In Stock WFC181 Burnt Grass Clump Foliage(Bag) £ 16.50
  WFC182 In Stock WFC182 Light Green Clump Foliage(Bag) £ 16.50
  WFC183 In Stock WFC183 Med Green Clump Foliage (Bag) £ 16.50
  WFC184 In Stock WFC184 Dark Green Clump Foliage (Bag) £ 16.50
  WFC185 In Stock WFC185 Conif Green Clump Foliage(Bag) £ 16.50
  WFC186 In Stock WFC186 Fall Mix Clump Foliage (Bag) £ 16.50
  WFC57 In Stock WFC57 Light Green Foliage Clusters £ 9.50
  WFC58 In Stock WFC58 Medium Green Foliage Clusters £ 9.50
  WFC59 In Stock WFC59 Dark Green Foliage Clusters £ 9.50
  WFC682 In Stock WFC682 Light Green Clump Foliage £ 7.00
  WFC683 In Stock WFC683 Medium Green Clump Foliage £ 7.00
  WFC684 In Stock WFC684 Dark Green Clump Foliage £ 7.00
  WFG171 In Stock WFG171 Natural Straw Field Grass £ 4.50
  WFG172 In Stock WFG172 Harvest Gold Field Grass £ 4.50
  WFG173 In Stock WFG173 Light Green Field Grass £ 4.50
  WFG174 In Stock WFG174 Medium Green Field Grass £ 4.50
  WFL631 In Stock WFL631 Wild Honey Flock £ 11.25
  WFL632 In Stock WFL632 Harvest Gold Flock £ 11.25
  WFL633 In Stock WFL633 Burnt Grass Flock £ 11.25
  WFL634 In Stock WFL634 Light Green Flock £ 11.25
  WFL635 In Stock WFL635 Medium Green Flock £ 11.25
  WFL636 In Stock WFL636 Dark Green Flock £ 11.25
  WFP178 In Stock WFP178 Poly Fiber - Green £ 3.50

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