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Service and Repairs Hints and Tips

  1. A foam sheet is provided as a liner within the polystyrene tray when models are supplied new. It's there for a reason and does several functions:
    • protecting the model from scuffing when placing the model in and taking out of the tray
    • providing something to lift the model out the tray with - rather than using buffers as a lever.
    • help to reduce the movement of the loco within the box and prevent damage.

    A sheet of kitchen paper towel is a good replacement and is large enough to hold whilst removing the model from the box.

  2. Lubricate sliding plastic parts (such as coupling boxes, tender drawbars) with graphite for smooth reliable operation. It's available in the Woodland Scenics range (item no HL 651), or simply rub a soft pencil - at least 4B - around the parts.

  3. Split chassis locomotives require clean axles and journals for smooth operation. If movement becomes jerky, remove chassis from locomotive, remove the baseplate and clean the axles and the journals with isopropyl alcohol (obtainable at moderate cost from a pharmacy - Note: younger modellers should have an adult in attendance when using isopropyl alcohol as it can damage paintwork; is highly flammable; and can be dangerous if inhaled. Storage bottles should be clearly marked.) using a cotton bud. Lubricate sparingly with an appropriate light oil. Woodland Scenics oils are available from Bachmann dealers.

  4. Part numbers shown on exploded diagrams don‘t always change when a part design is changed. Please always quote the model item number as well as the part number to help us ensure we supply the correct part.

  5. Go easy on the oiling. More models are wrecked by over lubrication than under lubrication.

  6. The best maintenance for your locomotives is to run them regularly.

  7. Rolling stock needs lubrication too. Apply a drop of oil to the axle for free running.

  8. Class 08 pickups pick up dirt and fluff from the track and need be kept clean. Remove baseplate and brake rodding, and clean each pickup with a cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol.
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